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Corn field wind damage
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Various Private Products are offered through each AIP

Multi-Peril Crop Insurance

Individual Plans Available

  • Yield Protection (YP)

    • Pays an indemnity if the production to count falls below the yield guarantee 

  • Revenue Protection (RP)

    • If revenue to count is less than final revenue guarantee, an indemnity is paid

      • Revenue guarantee will use the greater of the projected price or harvest price​

  • Revenue Protection with Harvest Price Exclusion (RP-HPE)

    • If revenue to count is less than final revenue guarantee, an indemnity is paid

      • Revenue guarantee will be determined by only the projected price​


  • Coverage provide protection against physical damage from hail and or fire

    • Extended coverages include​:

      • Fire & Lightning​

      • Theft & Vandalism

      • Transit & Storage

Supplemental Coverage Option (SCO)

  • County-Level, Revenue-Based or Yield-Based optional endorsement that covers a portion of losses not covered by the same crops underlying crop insurance policy

Pasture, Rangeland and Forage (PRF)

  • Provides insurance coverage on your pasture, rangeland or forage acres based on a rainfall index calculator.

Pinnacle takes pride in being YOUR

"private product" specialist.

Specialized Confinement Insurance

Does your insurance policy replace the damaged portion of your buildings WITHOUT deducting for depreciation?

If your building collapses, will your policy pay for your loss?

If your neighbor files suit against you claiming property damage because of your operation, will your insurance company pay to defend you?

If the answer is "no" to any of these questions, you could experience significant financial loss. Our program provides replacement coverage on buildings at no additional charge, replacing 80% of your building damages and will stand with you when you need it most. 

Call us for a quote today!


Wind Damage to Hog Building

Available Coverages

  • Pollution Liability

  • Care, Custody & Control

  • Special Form Coverage on Buildings & Equipment

  • Suffocation Insurance

  • Farm General Liability

  • Automotive Liability & Physical Damage

  • Catastrophic Liability (Umbrella)

  • Loss of Farm Income & Extra Expense

  • Workers Compensation

  • Earthquake

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